Thank you for visiting my blog.

My name is Akitan, born and grew up in Japan.

My first trip abroad was to Scandinavian countries when I was 13. Since then it has been my dream to live there.

I lived in California for 4 years, Toronto, Canada for half year, and Tofino (a small resort town at the west end of the road in Canada) for half year. All these precious and wild experiences have made what I am today. And now finally I am living in my dreamland Oslo, Norway. Currently I am staying here just for 3 months to build up some base to come back for a longer time.

It has been taking me so long to settle and I went out of the path a few times but I am not regretting anything. I want to live my life like tomorrow is my last day of life. And my goal is to die with no regrets.

In this blog, I share useful information about living/moving to/visiting Oslo, as well as my random thoughts about life.

You can find my English entries in the right column under the category “English entries”.

Please feel free to message me if anything and make sure you hit me up when you visit Oslo (or Kyoto after October)!!

Thanks! Hope you enjoy reading my blog!